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IBM SaaS Assist
  Be prepared for
the AI revolution.
  Join the IBM Watson Hackathon:
June 19th – 20th

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  Remember when cloud, mobile and security were seen as niche technologies? It wasn't that long ago, and yet today they underpin much of the UK's business infrastructure.

The next game-changer, according to this new CBI report, is Artificial Intelligence. Nearly 50% of companies believe cognitive business, solutions and technologies will fundamentally transform their industry/market – and 42% are planning to invest in AI over the next 5 years.
  The opportunities for IBM Business
Partners are huge.

One way your organisation can benefit from this transformation is to integrate Watson application programming interfaces (APIs) or other Watson offerings into your repeatable solutions. To help develop the skills you need to achieve this, while creating your Watson service…
  Join the IBM Watson Hackathon
Get your A team together and you'll have 2 days (with IBM experts on hand to help out) to build a Weather Bot, Customer Service Bot, Personal Finance Coach, something to disrupt digital business – whatever you can dream up.
June 19th and 20th

The RainMaking Loft
London, E1W 1UN

There's no maximum number of people per team, but this a good mix:
1 business person to focus on the idea/use case
1 developer to bring the idea to life
1 presenter to sell in the idea on the final day

Before the event:
We recommend listening to these 3 Watson webinars; click to download Part 1,
Part 2 and Part 3.
Have a look at this previous IBM Watson Hackathon for inspiration.
You'll need a Bluemix trial licence – valid for 30 days from request. If you already have a Bluemix trial licence, just contact me and let me know the email you used to request it and I'll get it extended.
One last thing:
Guest judges and prizes will be announced soon – so please stay tuned. And if you have any questions, just get in touch with me, Sally Lunn.

We look forward to seeing you on the 19th June.


S J (Sally) Lunn
UKI GBP Marketing
Channel Enablement & Communications
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